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A home furnishings company selling online and in-stores nationally.
I set new processes and guidelines for a more efficient workflow.

I managed the online design team, overseeing all online design projects and resources, signoff and delivery maintaining all designs to follow the brand guidelines and keep consistent. I was involved with the re-platforming and launching of the e-commerce website.

From our weekly analytics report I recommended the top website real estate

From week to week I collaborated with the Trade team and made decisions on which products would go on the website particularly the homepage. The decisions were heavily based on the data given YOY.

One example of success was keeping an eye on the weather. Knowing that there was going to be a hot summer I added fans high up on the homepage which made a popular customer purchase.

I created great professional relationships with other departments

Making collaborations better for during sale campaigns and project planning.

The design team was at the very centre of all workflow running through the ecommerce department. A lot of tasks had to be streamlined in order to meet deadlines efficiently and deliver satisfactorily.

I pushed the design boundaries to move the online creative forward

When I first started some of the brand guidelines were restrictive and difficult to input new changes.

Whilst taking some of the designs that were already implemented I added my own spin and new guidelines for my team to easily follow. This gave new perspective and drove better customer engagement.

Managing my team is one of the most rewarding job in my career. I enjoyed seeing my team transform and grow into amazing, talented people.