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A touring company for global multi-day experiences that suits to any requirements.
With my creative vision, I helped improved Engagement Rates by nearly 100%.

Test, design, implement and test again, every day was a learning day. The email marketing at TourRadar was at it’s early stages. I spear-headed the changes for the email design processes and brought a new wave of designs to commuincate with the customers. Working together with the email marketing team and the data, my designs made an impact and improved the engagement rate to drive traffic to the website. The new series of designs I created had a positive outcome and therefore other mediums followed the creative.

As a lead, I managed team members, organising and delegating tasks, coaching, mentoring and training for emails, web, print and image editing. I changed process where I could to run smoothly and more efficiently.

A logo challenge

We were given the task to create a logo for a campaign. It was to promote and strengthen the brand while reaching new customers and engage with our current customers. The tagline was five continents, five tours, fifty days.

I came up with several variations. This one was the favourite. My idea was to incorporate the different tours inside the logo.

With my experience I lead the way for a different style and approach to campaigns.

With the collaboration of the developers I recommended and pushed for new integrations to improve campaign awareness, better user experience and user journey along with a fresh new look. I changed the processes for running a campaign which lead to the success of the sale and the biggest ROI intake at the time.

Having previously always worked at a corporate company it was interesting to have an insight and experience working for a start-up.