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A made-to-measure company selling beautiful window furnishings in mulitple elegant styles. 😍

I worked here for 7 years’ and have been watching them grow from strength to strength over the years.

One of my biggest achievements was bringing outsourced projects in-house.

Ten years ago my first real challenge was in email marketing. I had no prior knowldge in HTML or CSS. I spent one weekend learning HTML and CSS and then the following Monday I presented a finalised email, designed, built from scratch and ready. I went on to building emails for all in-house brands which meant designing and building at least six per week on top of my other day to day tasks and duties.

I had the opportunity to work with them in recent years and had a nostalgia of working on emails again. They’ve really come a long way.

I saw an opportunity and wanted to help

Back then I was hired as a junior print designer with fresh new ideas and eagerness to learn.

I saw that the display ads were being outsourced and wanted to help bring them in. Already having prior experience in animated banners I approached the Head of Marketing and did a pitch and presented the idea, I got the thumbs up and a month trial on it.

After seeing great results it was a no brainer. It was decided I was saving thousands a month, done quickly and of high quality and so it became in-house.

I was involved in web and e-commerce projects

My day-to-day was never boring, I designed web banners for all the e-commerce sites one day, built small microsites another day and redesigned the intranet the next.

I was given the challenge of building a mini photography studio. It enabled us to add the materials online ourselves.

Over time, I managed a team whereby I mentored, coached and organised the work task.

It’s always a pleasure to work at Hillarys. During my time, I gained alot of experiences, involved in so many varied interesting projects and opportunities.